Just chilling….

Nice lie in this morning.  It is a beautiful day, the best yet in Victoria… the sun is very hot and the view from the decking is just stunning.  After a good strong coffee I sit and continue reading the book I started a few days ago, not a holiday read but deeply moving, real life story about of friend of Cindy’s who developed ALS in her early 40s and fought for the right to take her own life with assistance legally.  She eventually lost this battle and took her own life anyway.

Lovejoy and Mogely kept me company today.  Lovejoy looks so much like Ziggy but much bigger, more like a panther.  Beau, the Golden Retriever went out with Cindy this morning but here are pics of each of them.  Beau has had a summer haircut!

I decided to try a bit of painting… I only have watercolours with me which I haven’t used in ages so some quick sketches.  My tiny travel paintbox is a bit limited in colours.  It is so nice just to chill and not having to cram everything into a day just because I’m here.  The scene before me over the Arbutus tree, across the sandflat (which appears when the tide is out) and then across the ocean to the island across the bay, is so calm and peaceful.

Cindy had been minding some children today and returned during the afternoon. Together we went into Victoria to listen to a Jazz concert in the square for a bit before walking around Chinatown.  It was a lovely warm evening and we returned to a veggie lasagna on the decking.  At last the illusive range of mountains behind the island appeared out of the low cloud.

You can just about make it out here.  It was quite stunning to see them covered in snow.

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