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First let me introduce myself, if you don’t already know me.  I am an artist and illustrator, originally specialising in botanicals and birds.  I try to paint for a living although I am still not quite there financially but I have never been happier and can honestly say that I have all the riches in the world in a spiritual sense.

I woke up one snowy morning early in 2011 and thought there are still places I would love to see in the world and friends I have not yet met.  There was never a better opportunity than this year,  my special 60th year and my Chinese Year of the Rabbit,  for traveling to far-flung places, not least the fact that the UK Government keeps moving the goal posts!  Since that first thought entered my head, everything seems to have moved towards making it happen in earnest.   Finally a letter dropped through my door telling me that I had a pittance of a pension plan which matures this year giving me a cash lump sum that would pay for the flights to Oz and NZ.  What more did I need in the way of a message!

I thought this would probably be my one and only trip of a lifetime, so decided it would be a good idea to keep a diary, not only for my own benefit but for that of my family and friends and anyone else who is involved or interested in my travels.  However, I have become hooked on this type of adventure and have since traveled around the West Coast of Canada in 2013 and then took myself off on a European adventure in 2014.  This has therefore become an ongoing blog of my travel adventures giving me inspiration for my more recent style of landscape paintings.

I would be happy for you to take a look at my website if you are interested in my artwork or you can email me direct at maureen@wychwoodgraphics.co.uk.  I look forward to your comments on my journey of discovery.

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