Saturday 28 December – Day 3 meditation and massage

I woke at 5.45 this morning so had a good night’s sleep as I’d retired for bed fairly early at 9. I thought I would join the early meditators as I was told this energises the body and mind for the day ahead. Just as well because this was followed by intermediate Yoga and then a 5k beach walk!

Here is a photo of our walking group.

I was very pleased to slip into the warm pool on our return and then lie in the sun for a bit before lunch’

Lunch today was cream of celery soup, tofu with red cabbage, buckwheat and the various sauces. Followed by the usual fresh fruit. I had persoman fruit and grapes. Then siesta…..

Then an hour and a half of Qi Gong… a sort of Tai Chi, all to do with energy and kidneys! This took place high up on the roof terrace where there was an amazing view of the mountains.

I have booked a massage for after dinner this evening to round off the day.

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