Tuesday 21 May – Dot cooking the Italian way…

Have caught up with Dot at last…. the adventure is really coming alive now! Dot and I will be meeting in Rome. We have lots of exciting plans for this great city but more of that when the time comes. Dot has just told me that she’s only booked an Italian Farmhouse Cooking Course for herself!!! ….in Chianti, just south of Florence for the period before we meet up again in La Spezia. Another “must-do” to tick off her list, she said. She is such an adventurer and this is why we get on so well!  Here is the link to whet your appetites: http://www.toscanamia.net/en/cooking-classes/chianti/packages/farmhouse/3-days-cooking-class-in-farmhouse/

Come on Marie, what have we got planned for Florence?

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3 Responses to Tuesday 21 May – Dot cooking the Italian way…

  1. Marie Robinson says:

    I’m working on it!

  2. Dot says:

    Do I really have to wait four more weeks to start this wonderful trip?
    , Yes I do…exactly 4 weeks from now I will have just got on the train to airport hotel and overnight stay for 06:20 flight to Rome next morning. See you there Mo! 🙂

  3. Dot says:

    Thought I might have found a new post today, before you leave on the European Grand Tour. Anyway Bon Voyage, see you in Rome on 19th x

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