Last day in Taupo before backpacking

A quiet day today. Leigh and Dan completing assignments and me preparing for my Kiwi Experience.

It was a beautiful sunny day wouldn’t you know it, and I spent some time relaxing in the garden and reading. Leigh’s Rhodies are really beginning to open out now it’s getting warmer and it’s so lovely to hear the birds singing, reminiscent of springtime at home.

We popped into town to get one or two things and then returned for a bite to eat. Leigh cooked some asparagus, that she bought at the Farmers’ Market in Hawke’s Bay the day before, with cheese sauce.

In the early evening I took Sally down to the Lake for a swim and then returned to see Leigh off. She was returning to school in Ohukene where she teaches.

Goodbye Leigh…. And Lake Taupo… hope to see you again in a week or so……

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2 Responses to Last day in Taupo before backpacking

  1. Leigh Hynes says:

    naaawwww I feel homesick! gbye Mo. Have fun on your adventure!

  2. Kylie Spencer says:

    rock on, wild one!!!

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