Monday 22 October 2018

To Reykjavík

Emily, Matt, Martha and I set off for Heathrow for our flight to Reykjavík.

We used meet and greet which saved a lot of effort.  Who should we see in the terminal but Michael and Debbie!  Yes this was all planned by Matt.  Martha would have Nanny and Grampie and Granny Mo for her first flight to a foreign land at just six months old.

After an hour’s bus ride from the airport over quite barren but strangely beautiful terrain, we finally arrived at our modern well-equipped apartment in Reykjavík.  No sooner had we arrived than we were all wrapped up warm and out in the streets again exploring.

We walked along the coast to the Concert Hall, then up through the old part of town where we found a quiet Italian restaurant for an early supper.


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