To Whistler

Woke up to thick cloud outside… couldn’t see the mountains or the ocean, in fact couldn’t see a thing! But at least when I turned on the big tv in my bedroom, Wimbledon had started – yay! I got up eventually and packed. Then toast and coffee as I watched Rafa lose the first set (I was to find out later from Dad that he was to go out of Wimbledon in the first round – horror of horrors).
Cindy and I left for Nanaimo at 9 where we planned to catch the ferry to Horseshoe Bay.
We passed through Ladysmith where I remembered John on the Moose Bus had told us this was the home of Canada’s greatest actress Pamela Anderson. As we neared Nanaimo we stopped at an English pub in Cedar Cindy had wanted to take me to, the Crow and Gate. It was delightful and English in every way right down to the Willow pattern plates our early lunch arrived on. I had crab salad and a draught Guinness.

We then headed off to BC Ferries where we had a two and a half hour wait before boarding. We wandered around a market and then sat and listened to Canadian singer/songwriter Mike Alviano. I liked his music very much and bought his CDs. He reminded me very much of David Celia, also Canadian. The ferry left at 3.10 and we soon found ourselves heading up the scenic sea to sky road to Whistler.
It was a pity it was so overcast but nevertheless the views were awesome.
We finally arrived in the pretty ski resort where we met Cindy’ cousin, Jane, for dinner in The Brewhouse. They actually brew their own beer here on the premises, and have a model railway running round the restaurant above the tables.

We then went back to Jane’s house for a glass of wine and more chat before bed.  Jane is married to Jed with a 5 year old son and dog Tao, and they live just outside Whistler.  Jane and Jed work in two sports shops and are heavily involved in winter sports and cycling.

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