Friday 18 March – Getting sorted in Taupo

I hardly slept a wink last night, in fact my sleep app confirmed this.  It rained heavily all night long and somehow I developed a sharp pain between the shoulder blades.

After taking some painkillers, I spent the morning packing and sorting out my clothes into various bags, bearing in mind I still had two more venues before the long haul home.


I also planned my return layover in Beijing which was to be a visit to the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and to see pandas.  This all seemed very straightforward and I paid the deposit on line by PayPal.  So let’s hope it all works out at 6am in the morning!

Although just about dry, it remained overcast all day in Taupo and finally during the afternoon I decided to take a walk to try and shake off this pain and to get some exercise.   It felt quite autumnal and drizzly.  Even the palm trees were changing colour!

imageI called in at the shopping mall, as Jessie says they are called!  Actually it comprised one tiny 4Square supermarket, a liquor store and a betting cafe.

I then continued on down to the Lake which was like glass this afternoon, hardly a ripple.  There were some cormorants on the rocks and a few ducks and gulls pottering about at the water’s edge.image image image image image

As I wandered along the path round the lake a guy came out of one of the posh waterside residences in his togs.  Obviously about to go in for a swim but I asked him anyway just to strike up a conversation.  This was his holiday cottage (it didn’t look like a cottage to me!)


On the way back I took photos of bright things to cheer up my daily blog on such a dull Autumn day.  It was still quite warm – about 20 deg  – so a few summer flowers blooming and a tree laden with walnuts.

image image image image

This last one is a mail box.

There was a glimmer off late sunshine as we drove down to the town later that evening.

image image

We all had dinner at The Plateau – my shout!  Thanks for allowing me to share your home Leigh and Dan, Jessie and Hunter.

image image

Hunter was away for the weekend.

Then a little night drive around Taupo for a last look at the lights.

image image image image image

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3 Responses to Friday 18 March – Getting sorted in Taupo

  1. Leigh Hynes says:

    Very nice, thank you so much for dinner. Always love to eat at the Plateau and even nicer to be shouted out.
    The time has flown by, I hope you have enjoyed our tiki tours to the Coromandel, Gisborne and Wellington. Shame I have to work but someone has got to keep the $$$ rolling in!

    • Mo says:

      Thank you so much for everything Leigh. You are the hostess with the mostest, as they say – and my number one blog fan! I appreciate you taking the time out during your busy schedule to show me exciting new places, there was the special to Tauranga as well, even though it was a business trip for you! …..and how lucky we were with the weather!
      Coromandel seems a long time ago now but I will always remember how lovely it was to be taken to that magical place, Little Bay, after the long haul at the beginning of my adventure!
      See you back on the scrabble board!!

  2. Peter Rattle says:

    Seems like you are getting near the end of your trip – so what is the date & time of your departure flight from NZ . Hope all goes well for your second visit to Beyjing. Cheers !
    Love Dad x

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