Packing and recharging

A fairly uneventful day today. The day was beset with problems arising from Leigh’s computer which had been back and forth to Noel Leemings for repair.

Sorry no photographs today – camera is having a rest and battery is on charge!

I did some preliminary packing and found I really had too much stuff and would have to chuck some clothes out so left it til I returned from Ohakune.

We returned to Ohakune for Leigh’s work at Ruapehu College. Quick
sardines on toast for lunch as I was deposited at the apartment where I spent some time catching up on emails, etc. before going out for a walk around the town.

Leigh took Sue out for a meal in the evening to welcome her to her new job at the college and Dan and I joined them. It was a very enjoyable meal at the Alpine Restaurant and I think it was a good way of introducing Sue to the area.

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  1. Leigh Hynes says:

    I am a teacher, after all… sorted!

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