Return to Warwick

The return journey to Warwick was fairly uneventful, although very hot to be cooped up in a car for 10 hours. We passed all the now familiar landmarks but in reverse order, as you would 🙂 We stopped for more delicious strawberries (as we did on our way to Agnes). They are slightly bigger, redder and juicier than ours, I would say, and they disappeared from the punnet in a flash!

I would like to give a mention to Creeks. These are obviously quite important landmarks in Australia. Every time we pass over any sort of water by road, i.e. river, brook, stream, billabong; it is called a creek and has a name. Some of those we passed through are: Apple Tree Creek, Dry Creek, Mama Creek, Yandaran Creek, Camp Creek, Dalrymple, Backwater Creek and Baffle Creek, to name but a few….

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