Lazy day in Ballygally

I had a good lie in this morning as Christine and John had left early for work, leaving me a key that worked sometimes!

I made myself some toast and cereal and coffee.  As the weather looked a bit grim I proceeded to do a watercolour from one of my favourite photos of Ballintoy Harbour. image In the meantime, Johanna appeared in the kitchen to iron her work clothes and we chatted briefly.  Then a bit later Jill came in to get herself some breakfast then continued with her New Zealand adventure plans.  She would be hiring a camper van with Greg for this holiday in the autumn.  She asked me one or two questions about Milford Sound.

At around 11, I popped across the road to the farm to see if either Raymond or Kay were about, as I hadn’t had much chance to chat at the party. But no one home. Christine told me later that Kay was away in Kildare on a birthday treat.

So, I grabbed a towel and swimming things (just in case) then made my way over to see Pamela.  I found her busy weeding the garden and we went indoors where she offered me some lunch along with the twins.  It was actually their birthday.  This is George, the cat. They also have a tabby kitten, a new King Charles spaniel puppy and another sweet little dog – part Dachshund part Yorkshire Terrier – a Dorky!imageIt is many years since I was in the house when Irene and Nat used to live there, and it seemed like a lifetime ago and I had moved into the next generation!  We chatted a while then she started putting the ingredients together for a birthday cake.image

By now it had brightened up outside so I took the opportunity of heading down to the beach, remembering my cozzie was in the car.  However, lovely though it was at the beach, the wind was too cold to tempt me to go in, so I walked a bit and paddled then sat against a rock and fell asleep.

In the evening we had planned to go to the cinemas so I checked times and texted Christine and Pamela to verify arrangements, then headed back to the house to get ready as it was an early showing.

a royal crown in honour of the Qeen’s birthday in the roundabout in Larne. imagePam couldn’t come in the end as she had to fetch Jocelyn from Larne.  So Christine and I armed ourselves in Azda across the car park with nuts and sweets and a drink and then settled ourselves in the posh seats at the back to watch ‘Finding Dory’!  Very clever animation and voiceover by Ellen DeGeneres.image

Afterwards we crossed the car park again to the Brooklyn Bay Diner, where Jill worked, for a bite to eat.  imageWe heard ‘Happy Birthday’ being sung over the other side, never realising it was for the twins, Natasha and Kristina, who were celebrating with friends!  They came over afterwards for a chat – lovely girls.image

Christine drove us back a different route with a high night time view of Larne Harbour and then through the pretty village of Glenoe.imageimageWe got home to find Johanna busy baking a cake for the Young Farmers Annual Social.image


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  1. Peter Rattle says:

    So you’ve now seen everyone – have a good final day today – home tomorrow.

  2. Peter Rattle says:

    Co Down ?

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