Friday 27 December – Day 2 at Crisalida Retreat

I woke at 7 to a bright sunny morning, still cool outside but with a promise of 20 degrees later. I had found myself sharing my room with Anna-Maija, who was a psycho therapist from Belgium. She and I got on very well and chatted for ages about anything and everything.

I decided on a swim before breakfast in the warm magnesium pool, which was situated just outside our apartment. Unfortunately I had woken with a headache which lingered most of the morning. I was told this was probably a withdrawal symptom through lack of caffeine and was offered some green tea, which helped. Breakfast consisted of homemade Rice Krispies, home made muesli, soya yoghurt, banana cake and any of the variety of teas on offer.

Dot, my friend from Cumbria, arrived to share our room and I said my goodbyes to Anna-Maija, who was heading off to Alicante and Valencia.

I took part in a couple of activities in the afternoon once my headache had subsided. These were circuits, which I found extremely strenuous, then the mindfulness workshop, which was quite the opposite.

During the afternoon Dot and I walked down to the town which was somewhat bigger than we’d imagined. It contained the usual array of restaurants and coffee shops for holiday makers, which we were careful to avoid. The coastline and sea beyond was just beautiful. The ocean beckoned and I decided to take my swimwear on the next visit.

Dinner was delicious, another social affair round the big dining room tables. Black bean pancakes were so good I had seconds. These were accompanied by a rice and vegetable dish salad and various sauces, always in a variety of colours making everything very appetising.

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