Monday 14 March – Botanical Gardens

I overslept this morning which was great as I didn’t have to be anywhere and Gill had gone to work early.  So after updating my blog, I took a leisurely shower and breakfast by which time it was nearly mid day,

I caught the number 54 green bus in Newlands Road, just a short walk away, and got off in the city centre near an iSite so that I could book the next leg of my journey.  They also gave me a map and indicated a neat circuitous route I could take on foot for the afternoon.

I have discovered on this trip that my navigational skills have deteriorated.  I used to have an excellent antennae and sense of direction.  No worries, just gives me more excercise retracing my steps a few times.  Eventually I found the Cablecar hidden among the buildings in Lampton Quay.  Once elevated to the top of the hill, I stepped out of the Cablecar to a fabulous view of the city and beyond.


imageThe Botanical Gardens were beautifully laid out as I made my way down the path through various themed areas: a rockery garden, a rose garden, a fern garden, etc., even an area of trees viewed and named from a treehouse.  In the photo below you can see the amazing phyllotactic pattern made by this succulent.image image image image image image image image image image image image

When I reached the bottom of the hill and exit, I headed on, as instructed by iSite, to Tinakori Village which is the oldest part of Wellington.  There is some very attractive architecture here built up the hillside and all the way down to the street.

image image image

Further down towards the city I came upon the Cathedral of St Paul’s, an impressive new building.  Here I found inside an area ‘The Tower’ totally dedicated to the 14 bells which had been brought over from a demolished church in Northampton, England, complete with peal board.  I sat a while in the Cathedral as a practice flag-bearing ceremony was about to take place by a number of young people for the Commonwealth countries.  On the way out I noticed to one side of the entrance was  a mini ring of bells hung on a frame for ringing.

image image image
imageNext I visited the ‘old’ St Paul’s Cathedral not far away. Unfortunately it was closed when I got there.image

By this time I was feeling pretty tired and made my way back to Lampton Quay to get the bus back up to Newlands, passing the Parliament buildings on the way.image image

All in all, a very full afternoon.


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