Wednesday 18 March Departure

Up at 3.30 this morning to be picked up by taxi… A bit of fog leaving Charlbury but clear by the time we got on the motorway.  Patricia was already drinking her first coffee from flask and spilling it on freshly laundered outfit as the taxi jolted through the potholes.  Yay, we’re on our way, so exciting! fairly uneventful journey to Heathrow Terminal 4, check in then demolish the big English breakfast at 6am!! Just about to board, so more later if we can get wifi… we haven’t fallen out yet!image

Some 6 hours and several time zones later…. sitting at Doha airport Gate 13 waiting for flight to Yangon.  Excellent and very comfortable flight with Qatar this far.  Lots of food and drinks and plenty of leg room.  The only minus was a slight delay firstly because an unruly passenger had to be turfed off.  Then they had some technical issues concerning the emergency door next to us but everything was resolved.  Pic of Doha airport which is spacious and modern. 25 deg outside and it’s 7 pm.


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