En Provence

By bedtime last night there were five of us girls in the room 2 from Chili who were friends, one from New Zealand, one from Russia and me – UK!  Very comfortable bed in room with en suite so lucky for first night at least, although not sure who I will be sharing with tonight as some of them may be moving on.  Here is a view of the Exupery Gardens Hostel. P1000050

The hostel offers a good continental breakfast.   I was picked up by my brother at 10 in his beautiful new BMW sports car as arranged.  Martin lives near Nice and offered to take me to Vence and nearby villages today and it was a thrill to be traveling in style on such a beautiful sunny day.  We went first to the village of Vence St Paul, very pretty narrow steep cobbled streets with art galleries in abundance.  P1000065We stopped for coffee in one of these quaint little streets in the by now hot sunshine.  P1000061We then moved on to Vence where we wiled away a few hours over a delicious lunch in a street café and put away a carafe or so of vin rouge!  Then we walked some distance in search of the Matisse Chapel.  Unfortunately when we finally arrived we found it to be closed.  I should have thought this would be the case as it was a French Bank Holiday ah c’est la vie.  I was very disappointed but had spent a very special day en Provence with my brother.

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9 Responses to En Provence

  1. Mike says:

    Sounds like your holiday’s got off t a great start, I envy you the sunshine – still grey here.

    • Mo says:

      Hopefully it will be warming up in Charlbury by now Mike, looks like a heatwave is a-coming across the whole of Europe – about time!

  2. Dot says:

    Sounds like good day with Martin, especially the street cafes & vin rouge. Glad the thunder cleared away for you. Sun n righteous!

  3. Marie Robinson says:

    Lovely sunshine! So grey and wet here. Sorry to hear that the chapel was closed but looks like you had a great day anyway 🙂

  4. Dad says:

    Glad you have found some sunshine.As you know , weather here is still indifferent ! Pleased you met up with Martin ok and enjoyed spinning around the villages in the new BMW ! Be in touch later X

  5. Leigh says:

    Lovely to see you off on your trip. Awesome that you caught up with your brother. He looks tall. What a great part of the world to be in.

  6. Kylie Spencer says:

    Sounds picturesque, and fun!! Hehe… you will make the most of every second, I know!! xx

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