Canadian Adventure Itinerary in images!

Day 1-3 – Heathrow to Vancouver then staying at the Century Plaza Hotel, Vancouver City – This hotel (part of the Trailfinders package) should set me up with a bit of luxury before I set off for 3500k on a backpackers’ bus …and the city looks absolutely stunning!
Day 4 – Samesun Hostel – now for some fun 🙂
Day 5 – Vancouver to Kelowna
Day 6 – Kelowna to Banff – now we’re really getting into the mountains
Day 7 – Banff to Jasper via Lake Louise – WOWEE, the heart of the Rockies and just look at those turquoise glacier lakes – don’t forget your paints mo!
Day 8 – Jasper back to Banff for 2 days activities.  I plan some horse riding, a good way to see the great outdoors, I reckon
Day 10/11 – Back to Kelowna and then return to Vancouver for one night in a Hostel before going over to Vancouver Island.
Day 12 – Vancouver to Tofino – This should be a major highlight of my adventure.  I spend 2 nights here for some serious whale (humpbacks) and bear watching!  …and if I can fit it all in, some kayaking – just loved that in NZ.  Look out for the Bald Eagles too, you will need your binoculars for all this wild life.
Day 12 – Tofino to Victoria where I plan to stay with a friend for 4 nights.  I may go searching for Orcas from here.
Day 16 – Back over to the mainland for a further night in Vancouver.
Day 17 – Off to Whistler for one night (possibly staying with my friend’s cousin).  I wonder if I will see Elk or Moose even up here?
Day 18 – returning to Vancouver for one last night in the hostel.
Day 19 – back to the airport for my long haul home.
I seem to have missed out a couple of days somewhere… hey ho!  Canada here I come 😀

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