Back to Auckland

Last day of October and it’ a grey day but still a warm 20 degrees. Only one month left of travelling – the time has one by so quickly.

Today is an odd sort of a day as many of the people I have got to know so well left for Auckland on yesterday’s bus, while I stayed behind to meet up with my NZ cousins. So I’m feeling a little melancholy but in a nice sort of way. I was surprised how sad I felt as I waved them goodbye and yet I’d only known them a few days… no worries, we will probably meet up again around the Kiwi route and there will be more new acquaintances on the way.

This morning I took the opportunity of updating yesterday’s blog – I am sooo up-to-date!! I packed up all my stuff, well there wasn’t much really, mainly chargers and jandals. I had to take the sheet and pillowcase to reception along with the chalet key. Sadly Louise wasn’t working today. She is just gorgeous, blond and bubbly, and was always so friendly and helpful – would have liked to have said goodbye.

All done I sat and watched a dvd with some youngsters in the common room. It was full of sexy young things and based in Hawaii.

I did a bit of hostel type shopping – sugar, noodles, coffee, coffeemate etc. (this would definitely be cheaper than putting $2 in the machine for flat white every morning!
Everywhere seemed to be closed today so not many options for lunch so I just cooked one of the packs of noodles in the hostel kitchen and ate an apple.

I guess I have got on to such a high recently that today was the day for coming down from up there!

I am now sitting on the beach writing my blog notes, listening to the crash of the waves onto the sand and watching the paragliders. My bus leaves in an hour so I will just keep looking out for Orcas. Dan had told me they come right into the bay.

The bus finally left for Auckland at 3pm. It was a long uneventful drive on a cloudy day so I just dozed until I was dropped off at the YHA Hostel. Just a few views of the city as we approached.

All a bit strange here and I amback to square one knowing no one. No worries, I need to get some washing done as I have at least 3 more overnight stops before returning to Taupo and things are getting just a bit smelly. Well this would be the first time I’d used the washing facilities in a hostel. I’ve just made a bowl of the more interesting pack of Noodles which was really tasty – a Malay concoction. I can do this hostelling thing, well for a bit anyway. And that reminds me, my clothes should be dry by now so I will go and get them and then catch up with some scrabble before bed.

Off to Hot Water Beach tomorrow – hope the sun shines!

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3 Responses to Back to Auckland

  1. Leigh Hynes says:

    pooh, have a wash before you get to Taupo!

  2. Kylie Spencer says:

    Some quieter days are probably good, Mo- if the adrenalin levels were to stay peaked, you’d end up bungee jumping!! 😉

  3. Mike says:

    Crickey Mo, sounds like you’re having the time of your life. I’ve just been looking at all the new things you’ve done, riding motorbikes in Oz, swimming with dolfins and skydiving !! All things one must do in life before it’s too late. Cary on !

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