Message from Sydney

I received an email from Sydney this morning where Melinda and Dennis have very kindly invited me to stay.  I haven’t seen them for many years now since they were last in the UK and came to see me.  I was thinking Opera House, Harbour and Bridge but there is so much more…….  They plan to take me to the Blue Mountains, about a 2-hour drive from their home in Sydney.  Ooh I have just googled this and it looks absolutely stunning.  Also the Jenolan Caves – wow!!

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3 Responses to Message from Sydney

  1. Emily says:

    Wow, looks amazing! Wish I was going!

  2. Leigh Hynes says:

    wow I am jealous now! They look beautiful

  3. Kylie says:

    Wow- Melinda and Dennis- you guys are great!! It has been 18 years since I have been to Sydney, and I am looking forward to hearing where else you will take her- though it would be hard to beat the Mountains and Jenolan Caves!!

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